Culturally we are devoid of rituals that help us mark this important transition, rituals that welcome us into the full bloom of maturity and help us accept and celebrate this new stage of our lives. Where are the elders that guide us along the way, soothe our fearul hearts and pass on what they have learnt along the way? Our mothers and grandmothers have often needed to give up so much of their inner authority that they may not be able to guide us to a place of power. It is time that we created our own rituals and came together as women supporting each other, learning from each others experiences and wisdom. We need to know what we are transitioning into and that there are open arms waiting for us on the other side. The Red thread offers a platform that brings women of all walks of life together in order to celebrate their transition and to have others who witness the journey with compassion.

One of the ways we can use our mature power and wisdom is to speak our truth with grace and dignity and to act accordingly. By taking response-ability for ourselves and our lives we give permission for other women to do the same and to all the women who come after us.

In individual support I can help you create sensitive and yet powerful ceremonies that honour your transition according to your own values, wishes and lifestyle.

In addition to that, I aim to hold a ‘menopause celebration’ once per year, where we come together as women of all ages, celebrate our transitioning and welcome those who are at the gates and those who have made it out the other side.