'At menarche a woman enters her power
Through menstruation she practices her power
At menopause she becomes her power
~ Native American proverb ~

As women in midlife today, we are part of a growing population that is unprecedented. Throughout most of our history the vast majority of women died before reaching menopause. In 1900 the average life expectancy for a woman was only fourty. Over the last century women’s life expectancy increased to an average of eighty-four years. We are therefore likely to live one third of our life post menopause and we are no longer willing to become invisible, silent and forgotten about. Think about it: millions of women are going through a rite of passage at the same time all over the world. By virtue of our sheer numbers, as well as our social and economic influence, we are a force that no longer needs to keep quiet. We are awakening en masse to our own gifts and inner authority and will be able to deliver a much needed message of health, hope and healing to the world. It is important for that story to unfold.